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Though you may not have heard about us, our products are probably already in your fridge or pantries. TMA develops and produces dairy products, like yogurt, desserts and UHT milk for our retail customers. The focus is always on meeting the highest quality standards in line with current market requirements. With these promises we satisfy our customers as well as the consumers of our products.


Overview of our dairy products



A classic and multi-talented product: We produce yogurts with different fat contents, in individual packaging formats like single pots or multipacks. Greek style yogurt is also part of our product range.

Fruit yogurt

Fruit yogurt

We create a tasty wide range: classic flavours as well as creamy or exotic varieties can be found in our portfolio. There’s something for all tastes. We only choose high-quality ingredients for the production of fruit products.


Here’s an overview of our variety of yogurts

  • Fruit yogurt in single pots or multipacks
  • Yogurt with cereals, fruit or cookies
  • Greek style yogurt with different fruit varieties
  • Skyr with different flavours



For those with a sweet tooth, we fill the supermarkets with delicious desserts. Also within this category we offer a wide range – besides classic desserts, we are constantly experimenting to develop new concepts, which guarantee diversity and moments of pleasure.

For all kinds of desserts, we provide the most suitable packaging


Our desserts at a glance:

  • Buttermilk dessert
  • Yogurt and quark desserts
  • Rice pudding
  • Semolina pudding
  • Blancmange
  • Kefir cream
  • Fruit compotes



Enjoy them at home or on the go: our milk and yogurt drinks are perfect as a small snack between meals. These drinks are available in different sizes and formats, e.g. PET bottles or pots. Of course, we are always pursuing the latest trends in regards to taste and intelligent packaging solutions.


The following drinks are part of our product range:

  • Milkshakes
  • Yogurt drinks
  • Coffee drinks
  • Buttermilk
  • Kefir

UHT milk & cream

UHT milk & cream

Classic products of the highest quality: we produce whipping cream and fresh cream as well as UHT milk with different fat levels. Lactose-free milk is also part of our product line.

Butter and Spreadable Butter

Butter and Spreadable Butter

We make both classic butter and spreadable butter in our product range. Due to a special mixture of butter and rapeseed oil, our spreadable butter keeps smooth at lower temperatures without losing that buttery taste.

Packaging & Design

Abbildung Einzelbecher

Single pots

We make single pots in various sizes, for example 200g, 500g or 1kg.

Abbildung Verpackung Zweikammerbecher

Twin pots

We offer the twin pots for folding in two different designs.

Abbildung Verpackung Multipack


Separable pots: we also use the functional multipacks for our products, for example 6-packs or 8-packs.

Abbildung Mehrstückverpackung

Multi-pot packaging

Several pots wrapped in a well-designed cardboard sleeve.

Abbildung Verpackung Flaschen


PET bottles are the perfect packaging for our drinks.

Abbildung Verpackung Kartonverbund

Composite carton

Our UHT milk is usually filled in a 1-litre composite carton.

Abbildung Verpackung Butterwickler

Butter wrapping

Our butter is wrapped in a special composite foil.

Abbildung Sekundär Verpackungen

Secondary packaging

Crates, trays and wraps make sure the individual packages are delivered safely to our customers’ warehouses.

Abbildung Verpackungsgestaltung

Packaging design

The design completes the packaging – here we use labels, banderols or sleeves.

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