Butter and creme

Our butter is made from pasteurised cream and tastes naturally fresh, creamy and mild. Alongside butter, we also offer a wide range of cream products your customers can use to improve and refine their dishes. It goes without saying that all our butter and cream products are branded in line with your private butter/cream label to round off your range.

We can make and deliver

  • 200 or 250 g of sweet cream butter
  • 200 or 250 g of cultured butter

The milk is distributed by our partner enterprise Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf GmbH.

When it comes to cream products, we can offer you a wide choice of

  • 19 and 30 % whipping cream
  • 30 % crème fraîche
  • 24 % Schmand (heavy sour cream)
  • 10 % sour cream
  • fine 7 and 15 % cooking cream

Choose from different packaging:

  • individual 150–500g pots
  • 1 l Tetra Pak
  • 0.25 / 0.33 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 l PET bottle
Butter & Sahne, Produkte der TMA Handelsgesellschaft

Innovation & quality

We continuously develop new dairy products on basis of ideas of our customers as well as on our own impulse. High quality of our
raw materials is always in
our focus.

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