Top-quality milk and fine ingredients make our desserts a very special product for your private dessert label. Delicious treats such as

  • buttermilk desserts
  • yoghurt/quark desserts
  • rice pudding
  • semolina desserts 
  • blancmange with or without custard
  • cream desserts
  • creamy kefir (a fermented milk drink)

… melt on the tongue and are a pure pleasure to eat. Delight your
customers with our products and product types in

  • individual 125–500 g pots
  • 150 and 175 g dual pots
  • 125 and 150 g multipacks with 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 pots
Desserts der TMA Handelsgesellschaft

Innovation & quality

We continuously develop new dairy products on basis of ideas of our customers as well as on our own impulse. High quality of our
raw materials is always in
our focus.

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