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We are constantly developing new dairy products based both on our own ideas and those of our customers. Everything we do focuses on the final product. The sole purpose of our proactive research and development, and the creation of new recipes, is to create market-driven, best-selling dairy products for our customers’ private labels. In the retail sector in particular, however, products also need innovative packaging to increase their sales appeal, which is why, as well as focusing on the content, we also pay attention to the product exterior.

For example, we recently developed a low-weight one-litre PET bottle with integrated light protection. We also concentrate on and develop strong segment products. Thanks to continuous investment in new technologies, our product developments always represent the state of the art. We are happy to adapt our technical facilities to meet your needs.

Now, all we need to know is your idea and price range, and we will be able to develop a new product for your private label. Simply contact us right now and let us know your ideas.


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