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We can supply large batches of high-quality dairy products – all from a single source, from product development and naming to support with the packaging design or market observation and coordinating production and logistics.

Our company brings together a large number of specialists in one place: we are one of the first dairy product enterprises to be able to offer category management for private labels, involving observing our customers’ product portfolio and finding gaps in their range, or discovering potential buyers. Our in-house reprography unit is specialised in the packaging used by TMA and can provide extremely high turnarounds compared with external printers. With some supplies coming from within the company, we can ensure a smooth supply of packaging. Even our fruit processing is carried out by an associated company. If required, our own logistics supplier can create bespoke logistics concepts, including special-purpose solutions such as setting up sales-promoting displays.

To make sure that you can use all our services easily, our teams include specialists from various sectors with experience in branding and private labels. We not only provide standard sales advice, but also offer dairy product advice on planning, design development and customer-focused brand management. At every stage of the product cycle, you can be sure of having a skilled advisor at your side.

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